Tagged...a new game!

I’ve been tagged to play along with this game!
Here are the rules:
1. go to your documents/pictures file on your computer
2. go to your 6th file
3. go to your 6th picture
4. post and blog about it
5. tag 6 people to do the same
6. smile!

Here's my 6th picture in my 6th folder of pictures. This is a picture of Allie's crib and the wall words above her bed.

We painted Allie's room in October while we were still completing paperwork for the adoption. Some people said that they couldn't have a room around their house that constantly reminded them that they didn't have a child. For me, it was the opposite. The room was a symbol of hope.

The crib and bedding were purchased during the 11 days that we thought we were getting A (failed adoption). We knew that A's birthmom was coming down to our house and we wanted to have the nursery somewhat put together for when she visited. We wanted her to feel as though A was already a part of our family. The night before she was supposed to visit, she changed her mind. It was earlier that day that the crib arrived. That night, we decided that we still wanted to put the crib together. We did and we loved it.

We did return most of the things we bought for A. I cried as we returned each item. (The sales people must have thought I was a nut at pottery barn!) The one thing I couldn't bare to return was the bedding. I had bedding picked out for a boy and for a girl, but when I put the bedding in the crib we purchased for A it felt right. We didn't return it. So, Allie has bedding that's a little more boyish, but we still love it.

The words above Allie's crib say, "Such a big miracle in such a little girl." I found this saying downtown shortly after Allie was born. I didn't buy it, but mentioned to Cory that night how much I liked it. The next day, when he returned from work he had his first "gift" for Allie...the wall words! It was so sweet...boy does she have him wrapped around her little finger!
I tag Tifanie, Michelle, Kitsie, Jenny, Kari, and anyone else that wants to do it that doesn't have a blog...you can e-mail yours to me and I'll post it on my page!
Here are a few more pictures: