We've been busy!

Last week was a CRAZY week! On Monday school was cancelled due to the weather so Allie and I were able to spend the whole day together...priceless! School was 2 hours late on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday due to the cold weather and to top it off we weren't able to have outdoor recess due to the temperature. I am as serious as can be when I say that my students were NUTS all week. I think by Friday, everyone was in need of a weekend!

On Friday, we ended up taking the day off and taking Allie to an ENT specialist in Sioux Falls. We've struggled with ear infections since the end of September and she doesn't respond to antibiotics. So...they decided that the best thing for us to do would be to have tubes put in her ears. Even though it's hard to have any kind of procedure done to your child, I'm okay with it because I've worked with children who didn't have tubes and had hearing loss because of it. Allie's surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday (2/27) at 8 am.

Other than that, Cory and I have just been busy muddling through the initial adoption paperwork we need to complete prior to our home study. It's funny, even though it wasn't that long ago that we filled out these papers for the first time I seem to have forgotten how much paperwork we have to fill out and how many hoops we have to jump through. I have about 1/2 of the paperwork filled out, we have our physicals scheduled for next week, and we are going to go get fingerprinted on Friday. Hopefully we can have all of our paperwork sent off by next Friday. We'll see how that goes....

Here's a picture of my sister and Allie that my sister sent me tonight...I already posted this picture once, but I thought it was awesome how she tinted the picture. Have a great week everyone!


Michelle said...

Hope everything goes well with the surgery. Love the tinted picture!!