Happy Birthday A!

It was one year ago today that "A" was born and he's been on our minds a lot today.

We hope and pray that "A" is safe and flourishing at home with his mommy. We hope that the reasons why she wanted to make an adoption plan for him have resolved themselves and that her family has accepted "A" for who he is. We hope that he's happy and healthy. Most of all, we hope that "A" is loved and cherished as much as EVERY child should be.

Happy birthday "A" and even though you will never know us, please know that you will always have a special place in our hearts!


Teresa Haase said...

I remember the phone call when I was in the cities studying for my boards... I didn't get much more studying done that night or much sleep before my big test! Allie is proof that everything has unfolded the way it was intended to!