After many tear filled conversations and a great deal of soul searching, Cory and I made the difficult decision that I was going to resign from my teaching position that I've had for the past eight years.  Although I LOVE teaching, we've come to see that our children are only young once and we don't want to miss any more of their lives than we have to.   Even though I'm excited that I'm going to be able to be with my girls every day, I didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to actually resign.  Not knowing is what's the hardest for me.  I wanted one more year with my girls, but I have no idea if there will actually be openings at local schools when I'm ready to return to teaching in a year.  Will I find a new teaching job in 2013 or will I sub?  Will we have to relocate for me to find another teaching job and if so where?  Will we have to delay adding more children to our family due to financial constraints?  So many questions that I'm turning over to God and putting in his hands.

So with all that said, my kids may have to wear garage sale and hand me down clothes for the next few years.  We may not get a season pass to the pool, instead we might be running through the sprinkler in our backyard on hot summer days.  We may not go on family vacations, instead we might have our own little staycation or little day outings to the zoo.  We may not have much, but we are truly going to have each other every day and I couldn't ask for more!

p.s.  To save money, I also stopped drinking pop a few weeks ago!  No more Diet Coke with Lime!  For those of you who know me....you know this is a BIG deal for me!!!


Peter and Nancy said...

Even with all the uncertainty, you will be so glad you had the time with them! What a dedicated mama -- I will pray that the perfect job opens up right when you're ready to go back.

No Greater Love said...

What a hard, but beautiful decision, Nikki. :) I am so happy for you. And of course, if you have to relocate...well, you know where that should be. :)

Brad and Renae said...

I know this is a hard decision - but it sounds absolutely wonderful :) - I'm fearing I may be facing the same one ... but too placing all that in God's hands because I know if that is his plan - he will make it work somehow :)