Mother's Day

I had a post in my head that I wanted to write today about Mother's Day.  I wanted to talk about how difficult the day was when we were trying with every ounce of our being to become parents.  I wanted to talk about how blessed I am to have two wonderful little miracles who call me mom every day and how my heart aches for those who are struggling to become parents.  I also wanted to talk about the two amazingly strong and loving women who made what I can only imagine to be the most difficult choice to relinquish their child in hopes that they could have more than they could give them.  I wanted to talk about how these two beautiful women are the reason why I can celebrate Mother's Day with a smile on my face.  I also wanted to mention how my heart aches for these two special women, actually all birthmoms, on a day like today.

I wanted to say all of this and more, but then I read this post and I decided that I couldn't have said it better myself...

With that, I want to wish a Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers in our lives.  To the women who are future moms, for the expectant moms, the moms who already get to hug each of their little blessings, and to all of the birthmothers because you were our childrens' first mothers.  May God continue to bless each of your lives today, tomorrow, and always!


No Greater Love said...

I love your post. Happy Mother's Day, Nikki. :)

And I love the post you linked to. At the end of her post she quotes Psalm 84. I have been in Psalm 84 ALL DAY today. :) Pretty neat.