She's two alright!

Once Charu is comfortable with who's around her, she becomes very verbal and I'm sure she's going to be giving Allie a run for her money in a few short months.  She can count, say her ABC's as well as most of the typical children's songs, and is now saying most words.  She's even starting to string words together into phrases.  Charu's main phrases she uses throughout the day (and in the correct context I might add) remind us that she's surely two!  (FYI- all of the exclamation marks are due to the fact that everything Charu says, she says with a lot of let's call it passion!)

"Allie, EAT!"

"Sit down now!"

"I do it!"

"Scuse me!" (when she wants around you)

"Where'd she go?"

"Come 'ere!"

"All done!"

"Let's go!"

"Shoes on!"

"I come?"

"Come right back!"  (although this one is tough to understand...I know what she's saying)

"Ah man!"

"Ahhhhhhh, CUTE!"

"By you, by you!"  What she means is that she wants you to sit or lay by her.

"No, no, no mommy!"

With each new phrase or sweet new word, we are constantly reminded at how far Charu has come since entering our family just 5 1/2 months ago.  It's amazing to watch her little heart heal and I can't wait to watch her continue to develop her personality!


Brad and Renae said...

Sweet! :)

Sarah said...

You should post a video of her talking. I'd love to hear her sweet voice.