Garage sale find

I found a water table on a garage sale last weekend for $12 and I've never watched the girls enjoy something more!  They spend hours playing with it...I hope the newness never wears off!!!
P.S.  The leaves on our deck are from a hail storm that blew through Tracy the night before I took these pictures.

 Here are Charu's adorable shoes we bought for her when we were in India for $3 brand new!  She LOVES these shoes!  I only wish we had bought more clothes/shoes while we were there for both girls!  Aren't they adorable?!?!


Peter and Nancy said...

We just made your puffy paint recipe, and it was a big hit with Anya Rashi! Thanks for the idea -- it was perfect for a stormy day.

Sarah said...

How fun!

No Greater Love said...

I think it is YOU who do such fun things with your children. :) I love it!!!!!