Bird feeders

Allie LOVES animals and she loves watching the birds and squirrels, so we decided last week that we should make some homemade bird feeders out of pine cones.  The girls had a BLAST and had even more fun watching the birds and squirrels eating off of them for the rest of the weekend!

Our newest little friend that the girls sat and watched FOREVER!  He was bound and determined to get full on our left over bird seed that we spilled on the deck!

Our failed attempt to get a picture of Allie "holding" the squirrel.


Sarah said...

Yana LOVES the squirrels in our yard, as well. She named all of them and keeps track of everything that they're doing. The dogs love them too (but in a little different way!).

Great photos of your sweet girls!

No Greater Love said...

So so so cute. I love these pictures. You are such a crafty mom...

And I love your back patio. :)

Brad and Renae said...

Love the picture with the grocery cart :) ....fun !