11 things we are thankful for on 11/11/11

1. Our two beautiful daughters...we are beyond blessed! There were many times that we came to forks in the road through our journey to them, tough choices had to be made, and we thank God for the choices we made because they brought us Allie and our newest little peanut lovingly referred to as "C".

2. We are thankful that after seven years (on the 27th) of marriage...we still make each other laugh and we honestly are each others best friend.

3. Great friends! We truly have some of the sweetest, most caring and sincere friends in the world!

4. Amazing family! We almost never leave Allie and my parents are going to watch her when we are gone. It is going to be hard being away from her, but grandma and grandpa adore her and I know they will all have fun!

5. A wonderful community- A local sewing group heard about C and us going to India and they volunteered to sew items for C's orphanage. They sewed 75 cloth diapers, 14 aprons for the staff, and even decided to donate $100 to SKB! How amazing is that?

6. SUPPORT- I have "met" truly amazing people through our blog who either have adopted or are in the process of adopting. They have become our support system through our wait and will continue to support us after C gets home. It's hard to put into words the love I have for these special people. We will continue to pray for each and every one of these families and we can't wait for the day that V, R, Lauren, Nandu, and all of the other precious children come home.

7. Caffeine...enough said!  I feel like that little kid on the Disney commercial that says, "I'm too excited to sleep"!

8.  Have I mentioned how great my husband has been?  Through all of the infertility and adoption processes...there have been times that I could probably have been considered a little nuts (he might say a lot nuts) and through it all...he's been there as a shoulder to cry on and a strong arm to lean on.  I just love him!

9.  We are thankful that this Christmas, we will finally be a family of four!  We prayed C would be home by Christmas, but we never thought it would happen.  God is great!

10.  We are thankful that C's orphanage is such an amazing place.  You can tell by the pictures and from stories from other people that they truly love each and every kid.  They even make a beautiful birthday cake for each child on their birthday!!!

11.  Most of all, we are thankful for all of the moments that we will experience over the upcoming years...the birthdays...the first days of school...the popcorn and movie nights...the tears and the laughs...each and every moment will truly be cherished beyond words!


Teresa Haase said...

We love you guys...all four of you! Completely in tears! I have always loved the way that you are able to express yourself through writing. I'm thankful that you are my sister and are always there for me when I need you! I'm thankful that you found Cory and that the two of you are so in love with each other. We love Allie to pieces and feel blessed that she is part of our family...she has such an amazing personality...I cannot wait to see where life brings her! We are unbelievably excited to meet your newest little peanut..."C"...what a true Thanksgiving blessing! First off, we will be excited just to catch a glimpse of "C" and then cannot wait until you are ready for us to come and visit. We will pray that "C"'s adjustment goes well and that Allie and "C" soon become best of friends. I cannot imagine all of the feelings that you all will have...just know that we are here for you, whatever it is that you need along the way! If you need a day with just "C" or whatever else may come about...know that we love you all! T-6 days... Teresa and Dan

Sarah said...

I am beyond thrilled for you as you venture to India to meet your precious C. Blessings to you!!

Peter and Nancy said...

I am so happy that your sweet girl will be home for BOTH Thanksgiving AND Christmas! That's an answered prayer, for sure -- those milestones are so hard when you've already been staring at her photo for months. :o) So much to be thankful for this year!

No Greater Love said...

Oh, Nikki, I am soooo happy for you. Words can't even describe it! You are right, there is so much to be thankful for. That is so awesome that you will have "C" BEFORE your next anniversary, and before Christmas. :) One more stocking on the mantle...that will be a beautiful picture!!!

Many hugs,

Brad and Renae said...

Post brought tears, can't express how happy we are for you. Also wanted to share an idea for Allie at home- when Brad and I were gone to Kenya for two weeks in January, Joshua stayed in the states with grandparents...our missions pastor gave a few ideas for "kids at home" that have helped through the years for parents on missions.... Joshua loved them, and it helped pass the time and days. 1.) Jar of M&M with the number of days you will be gone -- if you know exactly it works great, she gets one M&M each day and can see them go down each day -- if you are concerned about maybe a longer stay (I'd have grandma have a "contingency stash" - that she can do with a different jar. Contingency jar could work like, each extra day you are gone she eats one and puts in that jar -- then to see how that jar fills up (hopefully NOT very full :)
2.) Have a friend put letter or notes in the mailbox thru USPS every two days -- kids LOVE to get mail - or grandma after she leaves for school - note and letters from you and daddy. (Joshua has kept his and reads them often -- we posted pictures of fun things we've done as a family -- and took him down memory lane in our letters -- and of course told him how very much we love and miss him)
3.) We also left a very small gift for every other day with a note from mommy and daddy -- little legos item to put together, sticker books, coloring books, and then closer to the end of trip - last give is a little bigger - we had them hid and Nana brought them out each day -- give excitement for days ahead wondering what's to come and doesn't focus o missing mommy and daddy.
4.) I was able to email a few times to Nana - and also update what we were doing every day on facebook - my mom brought home from work and read to Joshua each night.
5.) They played and painted and kept school schedule to keep things as "normal" as possible while we were away.
6.) Joshua got to share our trip with his school on show and tell.

Kids are resilient -- time will fly by and you will be home and a family of 4 before you know it! Hope some of these ideas help -- you being a teacher -- I'm sure you have ideas galore -- if so, email me too sometime (Joshua will be staying home too). Hugs, Renae.

Nichole said...

I LOVE your ideas! THanks so much for sharing!!! I am going to print off your ideas and do them!!!
Thanks so much!

p.s. Can I get your e-mail address again? I can't seem to find it.

mine is nichole_paulzine@hotmail.com

Brad and Renae said...

So glad you like them :) - mostly came from our missions pastor

email us at bblunt@insightbb.com

Counting down the days :)