Pictures from this morning while we were getting ready

Charu was very smiley this morning while we were getting ready, but as soon as you get the camera out she gets pretty serious.  Although I didn't catch a smile, I thought they were still pretty cute.  This morning was great because she finally started saying some words to us (although we don't know what they are) and she finally pooped (TMI)!  It was a good morning!

We also did a little shopping this morning.  We can't be out for too long at a time, but we do want to soak up as much of India as we can.  Today we picked up a few things for gifts for people and we also bought Charu a table runner that's hand beaded for when she gets married!  It's beautiful!

I'll try to write more soon!  We are going to Facetime with Allie tonight!  We miss her so much and can't wait to see her!!!


Teresa Haase said...

Love these pictures! Charu is gorgeous whether or not she's smiling, her eyes and long eyelashes are so pretty! I'm excited to hear that you are having a good day and that she seems to be showing more of her personality! We took Allie to Happy Feet 2 here in town last night. She liked it. I'm not waking anyone up this morning, but once we are all up and ready we are heading to Tracy so that we can Facetime with you guys. We haven't told Allie yet, but she's going to love it. Even if she can see Charu sleeping and talk with you both it will be nice. Happy Happy Thanksgiving! Hope the rest of your evening goes well! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Charu is SO beautiful! Look at those eyes and long eye lashes! You are all so blessed! Can't wait for you to get home and be a family of 4! Take care :)

Anonymous said...

Whoopsy! That was from me!
Jodi! Ha :)

Tammy said...

Love the pictures! She is so darn cute!! Try to find a Christmas type ornament. The girls helped me put up part of the tree today. It was so much fun to put our ornament on the tree that we bought this summer in China. Christina put the ornaments on the tree and Clara took them off. I really need to get the video camera out.

Building Bridges to Orphans said...

She is just beautiful!!!