Fun facts about Charu...

  1. Total mamma's girl so far!
  2. Loves bananas and Gerber yogurt melts!
  3. A good sleeper
  4. Has a scowl that could kill, but a smile that could melt any ones heart!
  5. Gets overwhelmed with new people
  6. LOVES books and paper
  7. Loves music and has awesome rhythm
  8. Is stubborn and always knows what she wants
  9. Is going to be a great little sister
  10. Is so loved by so many


Peter and Nancy said...

It is a thrill to see your photos, and hear that you are getting to know each other! This post makes me smile . . . we had the same little ray of sunshine/scowl thing going on with our little girl too. :o)

No Greater Love said...

How fun learning about her, Nikki! :) My stomach still is still in knots of excitement for you. :) Soooo happy!!!!

Sarah said...

So fun to hear about Charu's personality. She sounds like a wonderful little girl!

Brad and Renae said...

So precious -- remaining in prayer for your trip. Sounds wonderful!

Teresa Haase said...

We cannot wait to meet you Charu! We are excited to get to know you! You are so very loved and have already touched so many hearts! Happy Thanksgiving sweetheart! You are our Thanksgiving blessing! All of our love, Dan and Teresa

Julie & Patrick said...

Just catching up on the last few posts and seeing Charu for the first time. She is a cherub. I'm certain you are over the moon! Glad to hear that things are going smoothly. I hope this wonderful transition continues. Thanks so much for sharing your journey. It has brought huge smiles to me seeing another family joined in this miraculous way.