It's no secret, I LOVE to take pictures and (like most families) I am the person who takes 99% of our pictures in this family.  On the day that Allie was born, we were in the waiting room from about 9:00 am or so until she was born at 10:12 pm.  That afternoon, we were informed that they would call us back by T's room when the baby was born.  They would then bring him/her out to me and I could carry him/her to the nursery.  All day we watched dad's lovingly carry their baby's to the nursery with the nurse right next to him.  They nurse always looked happy, but it was the look on the dad's face that was priceless!

When we were finally called back to T's room, I quick handed the camera (just a small point and shoot at the time) to Cory and he took one picture.  Even though the picture blurry and isn't perfect, it is to us!  This picture shows the emotions we were feeling, how fast everything happened, and it's just us.

Cory wasn't able to come into the nursery because there were only three hospital bracelets given for each baby.  One had to go on Allie, one on T, and then I wore the other one.  After Allie was all cleaned up, the night nurses snuck us into the circumcision room.  It was there that Cory was able to hold his little girl for the first time.
Still waiting to hold his daughter for the first time!

As I look at these pictures, I have to wonder what it's going to feel like a week from now when we are half the way around the world meeting our second daughter for the first time.  I can't fathom the emotions that we are all going to feel and can't wait to share the pictures from that moment!!!


Michelle said...

Wonderful pictures! Can't wait to see pictures of the newest addition! You are very blessed.

No Greater Love said...

Ahhh...making me cry! I love these pictures and cannot wait to see the ones next week!!!!! Nikki....I am so excited. :) Call me later, so we can figure out our ichat thing. :)

Peter and Nancy said...

I love hearing your first daughter's story as I get ready to hear your second's! Amazing photos -- it's easy to see how blessed and besotted you are!

Sarah said...

Oh, I'm goin to cry...can't wait until next week!!!