A little update

Finding time to update is more difficult that I thought.  Charu doesn't let me put her down and sitting down is even sometimes not appreciated!  Here's the update I posted on facebook!

We are in Delhi! Charu is doing well and did awesome on the flight here. She's beginning to warm up to Cory, but still has times that if he even looks at her he gets the Charu scowl. Wait until you meet this little girl and you'll know what the scowl is! She's so expressive and even though we don't know each other's languages, we seem to know what she wants!
All in all, we had a good yet exhausting day. Charu did amazingly well and was even smiling some and feeding us some of her snacks. She went to bed like a champ and is sleeping great right next to me! Now I just wish I was able to sleep!!! Take care everyone!!!

Here are a couple of pictures from the same day as the other ones.  We were outside with all of the kids playing with bubbles!  They were a big hit!


Teresa Haase said...

Charu you are just too cute for words! We are so very excited to meet you and praying that you continue to bond with your mom and dad and that your heart heals quickly. There are so many people that love you and haven't even met you...many prayers being said for you! Allie is super excited to have a little sister...you two will be the best of friends! All of our love, The Haase's

No Greater Love said...

She is ADORABLE. You are planning on flying through Colorado on your way home from India, right?

hee hee...couldn't resist.

Fenwick 5 said...

I just found your blog thru Julie's. We are also a India family. We went thru Dillon. Our Maiya Reela has been home since May 2010. We picked her up from Kolkata on her first bithday!! Your daughter is beautiful! Congrats on another journey to come!! Gidget from KY:)

Peter and Nancy said...

What a doll! Charu is simply breathtaking, and I'm so glad to hear how well she is doing in these first days. Many congratulations to you!

Sarah said...

Oh, Grace wanted nothing to do with her daddy for the entire time we were in China. But she sure loves him now (although she's still quite a mama's girl). Charu is just beautiful!