One week from today

We will be driving to the Cities!!  I'm so nervous, yet also very excited!  Have I mentioned that I have two HUGE fears in my life...one is snakes and the other is flying!  Maybe flying to India will help overcome my fear of flying?  One can only hope!!

Have a great day everyone...the count down is on!  I only have 3 days left with my 19 little firsties...Tuesday is my last day teaching for the year!  CRAZY isn't it?!


No Greater Love said...

Oh, I so understand your fear of flying. I have one too. But, I think this flight will be different for you...you'll be sooooo excited.

And then the flight coming home you'll be so exhausted you won't have the mental capacity to be afraid. :)

What do you think?

Well, I will definitely be praying for peace for you, either way!!!

Sarah said...

Oh, I am so excited for you! You'll miss your little first-graders, but I think that you'll probably have a few things to distract you, as well! lol!

Brad and Renae said...

Counting down with you with great excitement. In your spare time :)pick up Max Lucado's Fearless... totally helped me overcome many of my fears.... or at least now when I have them, I turn to the One who has dominion over my life :) He will be on the flight with you, and there along your side every step of the way. :)